Why should you choose ValmHost?


We use WHMCS to automate our website. So when you order a service, it will be activated automatically! WHMCS is a customer management software, order automation, help desk, billing, CMS and automation software that will allow you to create your own hosting company in minutes.
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DDoS protection

DDoS means distributed denial of service attack. The attack is distributed over a large network of compromised endpoints, computers or other devices with an IP connection. This large network is called a botnet, which looks like an army under the attacker's command. IPv4 addresses filtered by ValmHost protect your server from DDoS attacks level 4 - 7.

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We use DirectAdmin to improve your experience. DirectAdmin is a powerful and intuitive website control panel that makes managing websites, databases, and email addresses easy, without the need to be a full-time system administrator. .

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Dedicated Servers

After placing the command, it will be activated in 1 hour or maximum 3 days. Our dedicated servers are hosted 24/7 and you can set rDNS on its ip. Moreover, we give you full access to your dedicated server and a very interactive dashboard.

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Mai multe locații

We have dedicated servers hosted all over the world. You want your dedicated server where you are or where your customers or spectators are. Popular locations: Romania (Bucharest and Tulcea), France (Paris), Amsterdam, United States, Canada, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Poland and other locations . More than that.

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We are always here to help! Do not hesitate to contact us! You can contact us using our Live Chat / Ticket system or send us an email at: support@valmhost.com! Contact us

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